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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 13, 2014 10:00pm-10:11pm JST

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hello and welcome to nh krk nhk "newsline." the israeli military has launched an offensive. they conducted a landing operation early on sunday. israeli military officials say the troops landed in northern gaza to destroy a facility for long-range rockets. the soldiers exchanged fire with hamas militants. four israeli troops were wounded. palestinian media say hamas blocked the landing, but three
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of its fireghters were killed. in a televised message on saturday, hamas warned israelis of further attacks. the islamist militant group fired nine rockets toward israel's largest commercial city, tel aviv. experts believe israel is stepping up its efforts to eradicate the launch sites in gaza in response to the palestinian offensive. >> translator: i didn't want to leave, but my house was burned down in an israeli military attack. >> the israeli air force dropped laef lets warning palestinians in northern gaza to evacuate to the south before sunday noon. this has raised speculation that israel will carry out a major offensive on northern gaza. the number of civilian casualties continues to rise in gaza, and diplomatic efforts are under way to mediate a cease-fire between israel and
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hamas. >> the security councilmembers called for deescalation of the situation, restoration of calm, and a cease-fire. >> the united nations security council released a press statement on saturday calling for a cease-fire between israelis and palestinians. former british prime minister tony blair is also trying to broke aerotruce. he met with egyptian president al sisi in cairo on saturday. blair is the representative of the middle east quartet, comprising the u.n., european union, united states, and russia. sisi told blair that egypt is talking to both israel and the palestinians. the arab league is planning to hold an emergency meeting of its foreign ministers on monday in cairo to discuss the situation. authorities in gaza say 160 people have died and more than 1,000 injured since israel
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started its aerial operation a week ago. japan's prime minister is trying to further empower women. that's a pillar of shinzo abe's growth strategy. he's pledged to increase the ratio of newly employed female public servants to 30%. >> translator: it is my major challenge to create a society where women can shine. it's unfortunate that many japanese still have a male-centered mentality. the ideal society i want to achieve cannot be realized until this kind of thinking is changed. >> abe made the remark at an international conference on professional women in tokyo on sunday. he said he plans to ensure that 30% of new national public servants will be women from the next fiscal year. abe also said he will host an international symposium in japan in september of women leaders from different fields.
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the chief negotiators in the transpacific partnership free trade talks have ended eight days of meetings in canada, but they have found it difficult to bridge their differences. officials from countries taking part in the tpp talks met in ottawa. the negotiators discussed ways to bridge gaps in such divisive areas as tariffs and intellectual property rights. >> translator: the chief negotiators still have a lot to deal with. that's the reality of the time and the efforts put in by the member countries. >> the officials achieved their goal of setting a direction for the negotiations. he says some progress was made on labor and quarantine issues. but he says the tpp negotiators remain divided over contentious issues such as tariffs, protection of intellectual property rights, and preferential treatment for state-owned companies.
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he says the officials need to meet again before the next round of ministerial-level talks. japanese and u.s. officials will restart working-level talks in washington on monday to speed up the entire negotiating process. they will focus on agricultural tariffs and restrictions on auto imports. russian president vladimir putin is touring latin america to bolster trade and security ties with the region. his visit may strengthen russia's influence over countries that are geographically close to the united states. putin met cuban president raul castro on friday. he said russia has written off $32 billion of cuba's debts from the soviet era. they account for 90% of cuba's total debts to russia. putin said the remaining 10% will be used for investment in cuba. the two leaders agreed to step
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up economic cooperation. putin then traveled to nicaragua. he discussed ways to strengthen security cooperation with nicaragua's leaders. he is the first russian president to travel to the country that is known for its anti-u.s. stance. on saturday, the russian president was in argentina. he signed a deal with leaders on building nuclear plants in the country. putin's next destination is brazil. he will take part in a summit of the bricks group of emerging economies. ukraine's president has canceled his planned visit to brazil to attend the world cup soccer final. petro poroshenko's decision has dashed hopes that he might find a way to resolve his country's crisis by meeting with russian president at the game. fighting continues in eastern ukraine between government forces and pro-russian militants. six people were killed and eight were wounded on saturday in the city of donetsk. officials at the ukrainian presidential office said
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poroshenko won't be able to go to rio de janeiro to watch the match due to the current situation in the country. he was expected to attend sunday's final along with vladimir putin. russia is hosting the next world cup in 2018. russian media had suggested the two leaders might discuss eastern ukraine. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov has also said the russian president is ready to talk with his counterpart. the world cup final will begin in several hours. germany will play argentina. the host country, brazil, failed to win third place in its match against the netherlands. brazilian striker neymar injured from the game against colombia, watched from the bench. three minutes after kickoff, the dutch were awarded a penalty shot. captain robin van persie put the ball well out of the reach of the keeper julius caesar. at 17:00, the netherlands
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blasted in their first international goal to double the advantage. at 38 minutes, brazil's free kick was flipped on, but neither paulinho nor david luis could get a foot to the ball. the netherlands scored again near the end of regulation time giving them a 3-0 victory. the results shattered brazil's remaining pride. in sunday's final, germany is going for a fourth title and argentina hopes to win a third. here's the weather forecast for the next three days.
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that's all we have this hour on "newsline." stay tuned for more on nhk world. welcome to "cool japan." we introduce cool japanese culture. what is today's theme? >> today's theme is this. kbl. >> is the studio too hot for you? >> no. this is today's theme. today we explore japanese cool through the custom of cooling down. >> cooling down on "cool japan". this is "cool japan".


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